Call Recording

By adding our Magic Box hardware to either our Plus or Enterprise call loggers you benefit from an integrated call logging and recording solution.

Every call can be securely recorded and accessed in seconds through a web browser.

The service is ideal for legal compliance and to meet the latest FSA regulations.

Customers who want to use hosted IP telephony have the option of our hosted IP call recording system.

Key benefits

    1. Competitively priced
    2. Ideal for training and legal compliance
    3. Simple to use using a web browser
    4. Secure login access
    5. Fast and easy to use with single-click play and searching
    6. Legal compliance with encryption as standard
    7. Maximise the quality of recording with stereo recording.

      Extra features include call recording even if part of a call is transferred, advanced search options through third party integration, alerts for particular calls, the ability to add notes, call audit data and single-click searching on date and time, dialled number, caller ID or individual users.

      The service uses ‘passive’ and ‘active’ modes meaning that if the hardwarefails your lines are not affected.

      An unlimited number of users can access calls (as defined by the organisation), which is ideal for training purposes.