Research has proven that the use of telephone headsets in the work place improves the health and well being of the office worker. Office workers who do not use a headset suffer from neck and back ache as a result of balancing a phone between their shoulder and ear whilst trying to multi-task are less motivated than employees who do have access to a telephone headset.

Employers employing a headset solution will benefit in increase productivity which in turn increases profits!

Office-based workers spend much of their day speaking to customers speed up the time to answer an incoming call. Not only can this be the difference between a satisfied and unsatisfied customer, but it allows employees to take more calls during the day, and therefore the probability of more sales and increased customer service levels is higher.

South East Communications Ltd will recommend/supply a variety of headsets to suit the individual requirements whether it is over the ear or behind the ear headsets, which ever proves the most comfortable for the individual user.