Panasonic Telephone Systems

Panasonic has been a market leader in the Business Telephone Industry for over 20 years. The latest product line-up offers high quality office communications solutions for a broad range of business applications, from simple analogue systems through to advanced IP based Network Communications Platforms

Why choose Panasonic?

Panasonic Phone Systems are well known for their high quality, proven reliability and leading edge technology. These feature-rich Panasonic systems offer advanced IP-Hybrid PBX solutions that are second to none.

We can supply a range of Panasonic phone systems, whether its analogue, digital or IP solution you require. Whatever your requirements – we can supply a phone system solution to suit you.


CTI (Computer Telephony Integration)

Combining voice & data resources to manage customer information, and ensure it’s effective use has never been easier. Panasonic’s CTI solutions and Desktop Telephony Assistant now have the ability to integrate a user’s PC to access features of the phone system such as screen popping, autodial and call logging of customer information.

Live ACD stats

These powerful applications bring the combined power of monitoring, analysing and reporting for an informal call centre.

VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol)

For a communication system that works seamlessly with IT you need a system that also combines voice and data – in one low-cost, next generation, hybrid solution.