Polycom Kirk Wireless

South East Communications Ltd supply a range of professional wireless solutions, allowing calls to be made and taken anywhere – saving time, improving customer service and increasing employee safety.

KIRK Wireless Server 300

In any organization you are likely to find desk bound employees, knowledge workers, on-site nomads, and road warriors.  To a greater or lesser extent all these employees are away from a desk phone for some part of the working day. The issue faced by the organization is how to keep these staff productive when they are away from their desk

At the same time productivity is becoming more and more dependent on timely communications between colleagues, customers and suppliers.

KIRK Wireless Server 8000

Having a mobility solution will:

  • Improve customer service
  • Save time and money
  • Improve information is not availability
  • Ensure decisions are made correctly and quickly

Our wireless system can connect to any PABX system whether its analogue interfaced or IP no matter what we can find the solution

Our extensive range of wireless handset suited to every type of work environment ranging from the executive office, the production floor, to the hazardous or potentially explosive environment.