Telrad Telephone Systems

The AdvanceIP systems offer you the best in voice and data communications today and, with their state-of-the-art data technology, provide the platform from which to plan sophisticated data communication applications for tomorrow.

Telrad Advanced IP Systems

Telrad Connegy has been successfully designing and manufacturing telecommunications systems for almost half a century. Designed and built using the experience gained by Telrad over the years, the Advanced IP system is one of the most advanced PABXs in the world, with a clear migration path from the smallest to the largest option, and an “evergreen” strategy affording maximum utilization of the system’s resources.

System Range

The members of the AdvanceIP systems family include the 32 port AdvanceIP C32, the 128 port AdvanceIP C128, the 400 port AdvanceIP C400 and the 1024 port AdvanceIP C1000 (a port being either an extension or a line) and the all IP AdvanceIP I100. Offering from as few as 4 ports right up to 1024 ports, and supporting a maximum of 256 outside lines and 928 extensions, the AdvanceIP system family provides a highly flexible, digital, integrated voice/data business IP telecommunications system that is suitable for all sizes of businesses.

Modular Design

The modular design of the AdvanceIP system allows you to easily add extra functionality to your telecommunications system as and when you need it by simply adding extra cards or modules.

As your business grows your investment is protected by the migration of cards and phones from the smallest to the largest system – this provides your business with a cost-effective communications system that can grow with you as dictated by your business needs. The modular design also “future-proofs” your investment by allowing for extra functionality to be added in the future as new services become available.


The Telrad AdvanceIP family of telephone systems are designed to deliver real, easy-to-use business benefits tailored to the needs of every user.

Avanti Digital Handsets

The AdvanceIP system offers the Avanti range of proprietary digital telephones, including one model with an eight line by thirty Character graphic display, and a digital wireless extension. All models feature dynamically activated softkeys, programmable buttons and full duplex audio path.

DECT Cordless Digital Phone

It is becoming increasingly important to stay in touch even when you are away form the desk, so Telrad Connegy offer a true Digital Cordless solution – offering crystal-clear speech using GAP compliant DECT technology.

ISDN Functionality

Telrad Connegy AdvanceIP systems are based on ISDN architecture to provide an end-to-end digital platform for now and into the future. Telrad Connegy customers enjoy access to a broad spectrum of ISDN functionality for voice and data.

Calling Line ID Presentations (CLIP)

The AdvanceIP digital telephones with displays will show the number of the calling party if the call is received over an ISDN line and the calling party has not blocked the display of the number. On outgoing calls on ISDN lines, you decide if your number can be displayed to the called party, or blocked.

Site Networking

A variety of network configuration options make the AdvanceIP systems the ideal solution for businesses located in widespread areas. The systems offer telecommunication networking via ISDN lines, including DPNSS and QSIG protocols (analogue networking is also available)

IP Telephony

The Telrad AdvanceIP system provides IP telephony solutions affording the possibility to connect remote telephones over IP lines, as well as fax, message and email server integration.

Call Centre Working

Unlike most telephone systems, an entry level ACD (Automatic Call Distribution) package is included as standard with the AdvanceIP C128, AdvanceIP C400 and AdvanceIP C1000 and AdvanceIP I100 systems. Naturally though, for larger businesses with a high volume of incoming calls, the system can be easily upgraded to include an advanced ACD option. With ACD, calls are handled by groups of agents under single or multiple supervisor positions, according to sophisticated routing plans.


Telrad Connegy now offers the ultimate in digital messaging platforms and follows on from the successful imaGEN voicemail platform. Offering all the features of imaGEN, along with many other enhanced functions, the emaGEN has now assumed its business mantle as a powerful enterprise solution that delivers:

  • Unified messaging
  • Integrated Voicemail
  • Auto Attendant
  • Integrated Voice Response
  • Speech Recognition and
  • Text-to-Speech capability
  • Fax