Call logging

Call logging captures call records to identify valuable management information for your business.

You can have this up-to-the-second information displayed on any monitor or any screen with web access. Information can also be retrieved with an easy-to-use reporting interface.

Call logging can identify invaluable information such as whether you have enough lines, when your lines are busy and how effectively are people answering calls.

We offer three call logging services and please download our brochures or call us now for more information.


Professional is ideal for a typical single-site SME and allows access to critical business intelligence.

  1. Built-in web-server
  2. Licensed by site
  3. Live call view
  4. Intuitive
  5. Fully featured
  6. All reports included


Plus caters for small to mid-range organisations that want a management and reporting interface for up to five phone systems.

  1. Windows service
  2. Log up to 5 sites
  3. Call recording option
  4. Unlimited display boards
  5. Unlimited web logins
  6. Quick call search


Our Enterprise service is a feature rich, multi-site enterprise call logging solution.

  1. Call recording option
  2. Unlimited hierarchy
  3. Unlimited sites
  4. Windows service
  5. Cloud ready
  6. Duplicate extensions
  7. Open standards interfaces.